Meyer Mansion 美雅豪苑

Information of Meyer Mansion 美雅豪苑

  • 项目: 美雅豪苑Meyer Mansion

• 发展商: 国浩集团

• 产权: 永久

• 竣工日期: 预计2024年第1季度

美雅豪苑是位于新加坡第15邮区Meyer Road的新物业,这是一个享有盛誉且备受追捧的住址。这个豪华开发项目位于新加坡东海岸,提供实用高效的户型布局,从一卧至四卧不同户型,可满足买家和投资者的需求。这座美丽的永久地契公寓坐落在7920平方米的土地上,拥有一座25层楼的住宅建筑,单位共计200户。步行十分钟内即可到达Katong Park地铁站,步行片刻抵达东海岸公园。通过主要高速公路ECP,MCE,PIE等等可以轻松前往全岛科迪,开车片刻抵达樟宜机场/Jewel/滨海湾/中央商务区等地。


1. 美雅豪苑受麦雅路的历史和现场环境的启发,将低调的奢华生活与现代热带建筑相结合,创造出新的建筑基准。

2. 美雅豪苑的罕见位置结合了东海岸悠闲的魅力,同时坐落在市区的边缘。

3. 它的优越位置使您可以轻松地进入东海岸高速公路和滨海高速公路等主要高速公路,快速在10分钟内到达市区或机场。

4. 兴建中的加东公园地铁站仅有5分钟步行路程,美雅豪苑离莱佛士坊地铁站仅有6站地铁路程。

5. 通过精心细致的设计,美雅豪苑的优势在于落地窗,最大限度地提升了大海和周围别墅区域的绝佳视野。

6. 整个开发项目中高达79%将用于园景和公寓设施。

7. 有8种独特的单位类型,每种单位类型只有25个,并以各种面积和布局创建,以满足不同的家庭人口需求和生活方式。

8. 扩大客厅/餐厅和卧室等套内生活空间,但同时保持走廊空间等其它实用区域的比例。


1 卧45平米 - 25户

2 卧 64~82平米 - 25户

3 卧103~170平米 - 100户

4 卧 160~199平米 - 50户


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Meyer Mansion 美雅豪苑 

Meyer Mansion 美雅豪苑 


Meyer Mansion 美雅豪苑

Information of Meyer Mansion 美雅豪苑



Instantly recognisable as a one-of-a-kind architectural statement, Meyer Mansion is bold yet understated in its modern silhouette. Dark grey steel and burnished copper screens create a distinctive façade that distinguishes Meyer Mansion from its surroundings.

Meyer Mansion

Following the success of highly-regarded and successful projects like Goodwood Residence, Leedon Residence, Wallich Residence and Martin Modern, Meyer Mansion is the latest edition of GuocoLand’s collection of luxury residential properties in prime districts.

The esteemed name of Meyer Road carries the prestige of a prime seafront residential district, where many affluent businessmen once built their holiday mansions along the coast in the 1800s. Today, the Meyer Road address represents the most prime and coveted estate in the East Coast of Singapore.

Taking inspiration from the seafront mansions, 80% of the land area has been dedicated to create a generous garden that presents the signatures of GuocoLand’s high-end residential developments – grand arrival court, grand lawn, 40-metre long swimming pool, poolside clubhouse. From the mansion-style garden ambience facing Meyer Road, the garden transits into a coastal garden towards the seafront where a separate pool and clubhouse are set amidst coastal flora. Luxury is expressed through these generously-sized green areas and amenities that give residents space and variety of ambience to relax in or spend quality time with family and friends.

Offering a range of 1-bedroom to 4-bedroom premium units, with sizes spanning 484 to 2,142 square feet, Meyer Mansion features eight different layouts carefully designed to cater to different lifestyle concepts and to capture the best views. Internally, all units are thoughtfully designed to be efficient, functional and provide the flexibility to convert one of the bedrooms into multiple functions – be it a family room, entertainment room or just simply to expand the living/dining area. Materials, appliances and fittings are carefully selected to create the lifestyle and ambience of a coastal resort.

Meyer Mansion is targeted for completion in 2024.

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Meyer Mansion 美雅豪苑 

Meyer Mansion 美雅豪苑 


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