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  Sloane Residences is a new launch freehold private development, located at Balmoral Road. Developed by a joint venture of three established developers, Sloane Residence is luxuriously built to the highest standards, giving residents an unparallel living standard and environment.

At the recent Asia Property Awards 2019 Grand Final, Sloane Residences is the Distinguished Award Winner of the following awards:

Best High Rise Condo Architectural Design – Singapore

Best Condo Landscape Architectural Design – Singapore

Sloane Residences Condo – Premium Development at a Prestigious Address

Sloane Residence Project comprises of an exclusive 52 residential units over 1 Block of part 3-storey, and part 12-Storey Development. With its distinctive and award-winning landscape and architectural design, and its generous 38,943sqft of prime freehold land, there is a a multitude of facilities for residents to enjoy.

Facilities for family time and social interaction include Open Lawn. Cabana, BBQ Terrace, Indoor Gym, Picnic Lawn, Lap Pool, Communal Dining Pavilion, Clubhouse, Rain Dance, Jacuzzi and Viewing Lounge.

There are 2, 3 and 4 bedroom units at Sloane Residences. Although the selection is few, the floorplan layouts have been carefully curated and designed to bring out the best and clever use of space. This gives purchasers a clear mind to select what is important and ideal for them, without presenting too many confusing options. Privacy and Luxury are the main highlights of the development, with care and much thought put into achieving these goals.

The address and location of Sloane Residences at Balmoral Road is much enviable. Near to Raffles Town Club and top Hotels such as Goodwood Park Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel and Sheraton Towers, Balmoral exudes a charm of exclusivity. With top-tier schools such as Raffles Girls School, Singapore Chinese Girls School, ACS (Barker Road), and others along the Bukit Timah Road, the road to quality education is paved.

For shopping, entertainment and dining options, the Orchard Road Shopping Belt is nearby, with Newton Food and Novena Shopping Malls providing even more selections. Transport to all parts of Singapore is not a problem, with major roads and expressways being easily accessible.

Sloane Residences Singapore is very attractively priced. With TSKY Balmoral’s expertise and experience in building construction, winners of multiple design awards, and top quality fittings used (V-Zug Kitchen Appliances, Valcucine Kitchen Cabinets, Grohe Sanitary Fittings), this presents an extremely value buy for purchasers.

Editor’s Review: With Slone Residence Development’s privileged and prestigious Prime District 10 address, assurance of quality in construction quality, top architectural design in Singapore, proximity to amenities and schools, spacious floorplan layout and attractive prices, Sloane Residence Condo is the ideal home for long term family stay.

Available Units now: 

2 Bedroom :  743 sqft  $2,294,000 - $2,379,000

3 Bedroom :  1,249 - 1,292 sqft $3,381,000 - $3,898,000

4 Bedroom :   1,496 sqft  $4,121,000 - $4,436,000

Sloane Residences是一个新推出的私密开发项目,持有永久产权,位于巴尔莫勒尔路(Balmoral Road)。Sloane Residence由三家知名开发商组成的合资企业负责开发,其奢华程度达到了最高标准,将为居民提供无与伦比的生活水平和环境。
在最近举行的2019年亚洲房地产大奖总决赛(Asia Property Awards 2019 Grand Final)中,Sloane Residences获得了以下奖项的杰出奖(Distinguished Award Winner):
新加坡最佳高层公寓建筑设计奖(Best High Rise Condo Architectural Design – Singapore);
新加坡最佳公寓景观建筑设计奖(Best Condo Landscape Architectural Design – Singapore);

Sloane Residences公寓是一个优质开发项目,坐落在享有盛誉的绝佳地段。
Sloane Residence项目设有52套高端的住宅单元,由一栋大楼组成,其中部分区域设有3个楼层,部分区域则设有12个楼层。这一项目拥有独一无二且屡获殊荣的景观和建筑设计,以及占地38,943平方英尺的超大优质地皮(该地皮同样持有永久产权),配备许多供居民使用的设施。


Sloane Residences项目提供2居室、3居室和4居室住宅单元。虽然可供选择的房型较少,但是每一套住宅的楼层平面设计布局都经过精心规划和设计,旨在打造最出色的居所,并巧妙地利用每一处空间。买家可以保持清醒的头脑,选择具备价值并且适合他们的房产,而不必面临太多令人困惑的选择。极好的隐私性和奢华设计是这个开发项目的主要亮点,为了实现这些目标,开发商付出了很多的心血。

这个位于巴尔莫勒尔路(Balmoral Road)的Sloane Residences开发项目拥有令人称羡的超棒地段。巴尔莫勒尔路(Balmoral Road)临近莱佛士城市俱乐部(Raffles Town Club)和良木园酒店(Goodwood Park Hotel)、香格里拉酒店(Shangri-La Hotel)和喜来登酒店(Sheraton Towers)等顶级酒店,散发着独特魅力。还临近莱佛士女子中学(Raffles Girls School)、新加坡华人女子学校(Singapore Chinese Girls School)、英华自主中学(位于巴克路(Barker Road))等多所一流学校,以及武吉知马路(Bukit Timah Road)沿线的其他学校,能够为您的孩子提供优质教育。

在购物、娱乐和餐饮方面,乌节路购物带(Orchard Road Shopping Belt)就在附近,纽顿熟食中心(Newton Food)和Novena购物中心(Novena Shopping Malls)能为您带来众多选择,可谓琳琅满目。从这里前往新加坡各个地区不成问题,您可以通过多条主要道路和高速公路便捷出行。
新加坡的Sloane Residences项目内的住宅售价也非常具有吸引力。得益于TSKY Balmoral公司在建筑施工方面的专业知识和经验,这一项目多次获得设计奖,配有优质配件(如V-Zug牌厨具、Valcucine牌厨房橱柜、德国高仪牌卫浴设施),为买家带来了极具价值的购买体验。

编辑点评:Slone Residence开发项目内的Sloane Residence Condo公寓坐落在令人向往的第10区(District 10),位于享有盛誉的优质地段,拥有出色的建筑品质和新加坡顶级的建筑设计,临近许多便利设施和学校,享有宽敞的楼层平面设计布局,售价也极具吸引力,是普通家庭长期居住的理想之家。欢迎了解/选购新加坡中新加坡新加坡房产。 


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