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Amoy street shophouse

Property Name : Amoy Street

Property Type : Shophouse

Built-in Area : 7,440 sq ft est.

Land Area : 2,854 sq ft 

Zoning Commercial

Asking : $35m

This historic 3.5-storey conservation shophouse lies in the heart of Amoy Street, within walking distance of Telok Ayer MRT station. In its vicinity is a mix of cafes, restaurants, cocktail bars and gyms.

Amoy Street, initially called “Amoi Street” in Coleman’s 1836 Map of Singapore, was developed in the 1830s as part of the 1822 Raffles’ Town Plan for Chinatown. The name Amoy is the European term for Xiamen, a maritime port in Fujian Province, China from where many Hokkien immigrants left to settle in Singapore.

Located in close proximity to the shore in the past, Amoy Street had businesses that catered to the sailors and the sea trade. Cui Ying School, commonly known as “Chinese Free School”, was established on this street in 1854. Hence, the street was also known as Free School Street or gi-oh khau (entrance of the free school). In 1886, Anglo-Chinese School was established in a small shophouse in Amoy Street and began providing lessons in English and Chinese to 13 children of Chinese merchants.

This unit Amoy Street was previously owned by Tan Guan Teck and was entrusted to his daughter, Tan Chye Neo, upon his passing in August 1900. In the 1920s, 89 Amoy Street was occupied by a distributor of The Famous Fireworks Co. from Java.

Amoy Street shophouse is located in Raffles Singapore or business centre Singapore. Being the Singapore Financial hub, many Singapore companies e.g Singapore Auditors, Advertising Agencies and banks in Singapore (e.g OCBC Bank Singapore, HSBC Bank, ABM Amro, Maybank, DBS Bank including Singapore Offshore banks )

It is a Late Shophouse style. It has elements of western classical architecture and influences of the neoclassical jalousie windows of Europe, which can be seen on its façade.


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Amoy Street 新加坡 3.5 层商店

Amoy Street 新加坡 3.5层楼 商业商店出售









这栋历史悠久的受保护3层店屋位于厦门街(Amoy Street)的中心地段,距离直落亚逸地铁站(Telok Ayer MRT station)只有很短的步行路程。附近有多家咖啡馆、餐馆、鸡尾酒吧和健身房。

过去,厦门街紧邻海岸,经营的生意主要是为水手和海上贸易提供服务。Cui Ying学校(Cui Ying School),俗称“中国免费学校”,于1854年在这条街上建立。因此,这条街也被称为免费学校街或gi-oh-khau(即免费学校入口)。1886年,英华自主中学(Anglo-Chinese School)在厦门街的一家小型店屋里成立,开始为13名中国商人的孩子提供英语和汉语课程。

坐落在厦门街的这栋店屋位于新加坡莱佛士(Raffles Singapore)或新加坡商务中心。作为新加坡的金融中心,这里有许多新加坡公司,如新加坡的审计公司、广告公司和新加坡银行(比如新加坡华侨银行、汇丰银行、荷兰银行、马来亚银行和星展银行,包括新加坡离岸银行在内)。

这栋店屋采用了后期店屋(Late Shophouse)风格。从该店屋的正立面看,您会发现其拥有西方古典建筑的设计元素,并且受到了欧洲新古典主义风格百叶窗的影响。欢迎了解/选购新加坡中新加坡新加坡房产。

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