Details of MIDTOWN BAY 国浩时代城

MidTown Bay 国浩时代城

国浩时代城 Midtown Bay

项目名称: Midtown Bay (滨海名汇 )

开发商:Guocoland (国浩房地产集团)




户型:1卧 - 2卧,2卧室阁楼,3卧室阁楼



• 优质甲级写字楼

• 公共和零售空间

• 独家私人公寓


Midtown Bay 滨海名汇 , 是一座33层高的住宅楼,由1至3间卧室的单位组成,面积从409平方英尺到1,324平方英尺不等。38 – 123 平米。

- 位于金融商业区内,一个新的综合豪华发展国浩时代城, 位于沿美芝路和奥菲亚-梧槽路两条主要发展走廊的交汇处

- 一个综合体项目国浩时代城真正集办公楼、酒店、住宅和零售空间于一体

- 3个办公室微型市场之间的主要连接器 – 政府大厦,滨海中心和武吉士

- 轻松连接4条地铁线,尼诰大道以及未来的南北高速公路

- 它将使美芝路恢复生机,朝气蓬勃,成为完成该区域改造的最后一块拼图

- 它将重新定义甲级写字楼的租赁概念

- 它将通过提供一系列适应和迎合不同公共活动和活动的社区空间来促进社区街道生活的活力

- 它将引入一种崭新的城市生活方式,以应对生活,工作和娱乐的不断变化的趋势

- 作为发展的核心,国浩时代城将成为一个独特的城市社交俱乐部,融合了最好的商务和休闲,它是一个连接志同道合的人,创造无限商机和创意的地方.

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Additional Information of MIDTOWN BAY 国浩时代城

Midtown Bay is a 33-storey residential tower comprising 1- to 3-bedroom units, with sizes spanning from 409 sq ft to 1,324 sq ft. Residents will have their own exclusive and dedicated facilities such as a private pool, fitness area, gardens and sky terraces. While Midtown Bay offers privacy and exclusivity, residents will also be able to experience the buzz of city life at Guoco Midtown through access to a wide range of expanded facilities, services and activities. Crowning Midtown Hub is a roof garden with a number of recreational facilities such as a 40m lap pool, 100m running track, gardens at different levels and an event plaza.

Midtown Bay was designed with a strong focus on creating more generous living spaces so that its residents can live, work and entertain at home. In addition to the 1- and 2-bedroom units, Midtown Bay offers 40 duplex units, which can be adapted from a 2+1 apartment into two 1-bedroom units, each on different floors.

Units have an efficient and effective layout that allows residents to transform the space easily according to their needs. The spacious living and dining spaces allow for home parties even in the 1- bedroom and 2-bedroom units. The flexible room can be adapted as a bedroom, office or entertainment area. The units are also designed to accommodate a loft space if needed. The apartment can be used as a home, a home-office or a party pad, giving urbanites the lifestyles that were impossible before.

Introducing a new concept of luxury city living

Guoco Midtown will be the critical piece of the jigsaw that connects the key developments in the area through the underground, ground level, and elevated pedestrian network. Guoco Midtown will have a direct underground link to Bugis MRT interchange station. It also is served by four MRT lines – the East-West, Downtown, North-South and Circle lines - and three major expressways.

The residential component of the landmark Guoco Midtown, Midtown Bay is an exclusive collection of 219 luxury homes. Every one designed to redefine luxury city living. Midtown Bay residents will enjoy the flexibility of living, working and entertaining at home, as well as networking, innovating, shopping and dining at Guoco Midtown. This is truly an integrated and vibrant luxury city lifestyle of the future.

“Midtown Bay will be part of the new wave of transformation at Beach Road which has established itself as a vibrant residential, entertainment and business district”


A mixed-use development that comprises premium Grade A office space, public and retail spaces, exclusive residences, and the former Beach Road Police Station, a conserved building

Located within Central Business District, at the intersection of two key development corridors along Beach Road and Ophir-Rochor Road

Key connector between 3 office micromarkets – City Hall, Marina Centre & Bugis

Served by four MRT lines and Nicoll Highway, as well as the North-South Expressway in the future

It will rejuvenate the Beach Road by being the final critical piece of jigsaw that completes the transformation of the precinct

It will introduce innovative and futuristic concept for Grade A office and re-define the way that landlords partner office tenants

It will foster community street life by providing a series of community spaces that can adapt and cater to different public activities and events

It will introduce a new way of luxury city living in response to the growing integration of live, work and play


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